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Lelo Smart Wand SenseTouch Massager in Black

Lelo Smart Wand SenseTouch Massager in Black
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Price: SG$269.90
Manufacturer: Lelo
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A gorgeously innovative, highly functional, professional quality massager from always-luxurious Lelo, the high end Smart Wand boasts Lelo's completely unique SenseTouch technology, which smoothly and naturally increases the intensity of vibration when in contact with skin. Power hungry pleasure seekers will absolutely adore the intensity of this tool, it easily rivals electric massagers, but is rechargeable, wireless, lightweight, and much easier to maneuver around the body.
A flexible head tips the Smart Wand, it's perfectly rounded and nice and thick, offering full coverage stimulation of any body part lucky enough to be the recipient of this massager's ministrations. You'll be able to enjoy 8 modes of pleasure at multiple levels of intensity, or make use of the patent-pending SenseTouch, which mimics real-life massage by gradually increasing in power upon contact with the skin, ensuring the velvety head is in just the right spot before the sensation peaks.

Simple, easy to use controls built into the body of the massager are always within easy reach, they smoothly cycle the powerful, near-silent motor through its various patterns, and activate SenseTouch. To make use of this innovative feature, hold down the middle button for several seconds. When pressed normally, the same button will cycle you through 8 per-programed patterns of steady vibration, pulsation and completely unique combinations of the two. If you'll be traveling with your Smart Wand, you'll adore the lock feature, which prevents the motor from unintended activation. Hold the + and - buttons together for several seconds to lock, and repeat to unlock.

This vibe is an ideal choice for pleasure seekers with sensitive skin, as the high end silicone material is completely hypoallergenic and won't irritate delicate areas; you'll love the feel, too, the surface is incomparably silky and will warm quickly and naturally to match body temperature with use. Maintenance is worry free and simple, a good wash with soap and water will clean your Smart Wand up before and after use, and since it's waterproof, you won't need to worry about getting it wet, during both cleaning and enjoyment. Always choose a good water based lube to use in combination with your massager if needed, avoid silicone formulas. A two hour charge will fully power up the Smart Wand, giving you approximately 2 hours, depending on the settings you're enjoying. Storage bag, Insignia pin and charger included.


Length - 8 1/2"

Girth - 5.4"

Width - 1.6"

Material - Silicone, ABS plastic

Powered by - Re-chargeable

Special Features - Hypoallergenic, Splashproof, 8 function, SenseTouch

Color - Black



Availability: In Stock
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